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Fill in the information below for a free emailed copy of your crash report, completely FREE OF CHARGE. Please enter all information regarding your accident below to the best of your knowledge.

Your Hassle Free Solution to Finding Your Auto Accident Report.

We understand that waiting for your police report can be a hard time, especially when you are worried about getting your car fixed, or your injuries taken care of.  We are happy to offer this free service to you where you can get your report for free and from the comfort of your home and in your email.  We are happy to help those involved in car accidents with the information they need to get their claims moving, and get on with their lives!

More Information Regarding Your Accident

Here are some tips on dealing with managing your car accident

1. If you were injured, seek immediate care with professionals trained in treating and diagnosing car accident injuries. Injuries as a result of car accidents often appear not serious at first, but as time passes these injuries can progressively get worse.  If you were injured, or even if you don’t think you were, get checked out!

2. Dealing with car insurance companies can be challenging, often people seek out legal help and get an attorney to help sort out the red tape associated with car accidents. When choosing an attorney, find somebody reputable who specializes in car accident injuries.  Most attorneys who deal with car accidents will provide a free consultation and answer any questions you may have, and they also work on a contingency fee (meaning they get paid contingent on a settlement).

3. If you were called and tried being sent somewhere, make sure you do your homework! Many providers who use telemarketing are reputable, but not all are.  Some warning signs to look for:

  • They only treat car accident injuries- meaning they do not take any other kind of insurance or treat any other injuries
  • They are not in network/don’t accept any other kind of insurance
  • Only have one type of provider- the more ethical practices usually have various specialties under one roof
  • Google your provider! That should give you a ton of insight on how they operate and the quality of care they provide

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